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A Final Fantasy RPG

Timeless: A Final Fantasy RPG
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On the night when the red moon bled, the black night skies cried down the stars of the past upon Gaea. Time itself stopped for ten seconds in order to root in it the wayward souls of other places and times, and we did look to the sky for guidance. A shadow passed over the moon after their initial fall from the stars, and a torn soul rooted in pain and misery stepped into existence... laughing as cold as a winter's cutting wind. Laughing....

Our merciful planet received them into Her arms for they were Her damnation and Her salvation. They came with strange clothing and confused looks, speaking in tongues similar to our own, yet they spoke of customs, places, and magicks so different. We received them because Mother Gaea did, yet we could never know their purpose among us.

They were the souls of the dead, souls of different worlds, souls of different times. Yet, they were trapped. They became...

The Planet's gift

You find yourself in a strange land, a location that you've never seen before. Your last real feeling was as if something had curled around your neck and jerked you forward right off your feet. You no longer know what happened or your current location. You have nothing but the clothing on your back and whatever you were last touching.

Suddenly, from the sky, a shadowed figure falls and... wow, it's BIG. The ground beneath you rumbles as a large mass impacts right next to you, and there before you is the biggest and fattest chocobo that you've ever laid eyes on. It regards you with dopey blue eyes and lifts a stubby wing in greeting while uttering a distinct, "Yo."

The Fat Chocobo waves a wing in your general direction, and there is a flash of green light before a cracked chocobo egg appears before you. It drops and shatters on the ground, releasing its contents at your feet. There is an electronic device looking distinctly like a cell-phone, a pouch with 500 gil in it, and a single golden feather. Perhaps not understanding, you look to your overweight companion.

It just gives a 'wark' similar to a burp and disappears with a crack of noise and a flash of light.

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